The day after

Tampa Bay has been bordering on a drought for months. Normally, today’s all-day rain would be a welcome relief. But, not when the NBC Today Show is broadcasting from Tampa.  The gray crisscrossing overpasses of I275 provided the backdrop for Meredith Vieira and Al Roker this morning. It looked depressing! We usually have bright, clear, warm winter days! Well, it is February, even in Florida!

Super Bowl in Tampa

I am watching the Super Bowl from Tampa stadium on my Mickey Mouse TV (red, with big black “mouse ears” for speakers mounted on top of the screen). The Cardinals are struggling to pull away from the Steelers. It’s the third quarter and it doesn’t look good for the underdogs!

The economic downturn became personal last week when many beach hotels began this weekend with unexpected vacancies. The anemic economy staggered our hope of a healthy kickoff to the tourist season. Small businesses up and down the beach will be on the lookout for the usual influx of visitors in the next couple of months!