The Lunch Bunch

The great thing about having a teenaged daughter and a 20-something daughter is they like to get out and do stuff almost everyday! I recently realized I have two “reporters” living  under my roof who could contribute to my blog. So, I asked them to tell me something about places they’ve been recently in St. Pete and on the beaches. Here is a restaurant review from 17-year-old Hilary who looks for cool places to lunch with her friends after school. High school gets out at 1:30 here and very few kids stay for lunch so they go out after school. My daughter, Hilary, and her friends call themselves “The Lunch Bunch”.

My friends and I decided to try Ricky t’s  Bar and Grill at 106th Ave. N., on Gulf Blvd.,  Treasure Island. We arrived around 2:00 in the afternoon for lunch, so the lunch crowd had already thinned out.  It had typical grill food and I chose a cheeseburger. The cost was about $7.00. The burger had a couple of sides to choose from like potato salad, fries and coleslaw. My friends said they thought there was too much food served! We thought the prices were reasonable here and compared pretty well to the Sloppy Pelican. The servers were friendly.

Their bar is always hopping at night. I jog on the beach and whenever I go by, I see lots of people. The atmosphere is warm with lots of sports paraphernalia. It also has TV’s mounted near the ceiling. This is a perfect place to grab a burger after a day at the beach and relax with friends.