Enjoy real Florida at Rainbow Springs

I’m not sure if this is an End of the Summer or Beginning of College friends trip, but here are the members of the Lunch Bunch “chilling out” in the 73 degree river. Courtney, Erica, Dylan and Hilary celebrating their liberated-from-high- school status by tubing down the Rainbow River just before they all hit the college books!

The Aquifer pumps 461 million gallons of the cleanest, coolest, most refreshing water on the planet into the Rainbow River.

This trip is an affordable luxury too. It cost just $5 for the car-load of co-eds to enter the state park. Then they rented tubes for $10 a piece. A bus picks up the tubers and transports them up river, drops them off and they take their own sweet time floating down the river. If you want to see real Florida, visit Rainbow Springs State Park.