Cheers to Healthy Living


Last Saturday was a good day for healthy living.  I started the day looking for good food for my insides at the Saturday Morning Market (Al Lang Field in St. Pete). It’s been awhile since I made it down to the market. The weather was perfect and the parking was easy. We bought fresh asparagus and tomatoes. The vegetables are so vibrant with purple, orange, red and green, it was as if the color radiated from the baskets. And, what’s a fresh market without sunflowers? They were there for the picking.

On a muscular skeletal note, I imposed on a yoga buddy who knows ergonomics come to my house to assess my workspace. I’ve been having shoulder strain for a couple of months and decided to track down the source of my discomfort. It turns out my entire workspace was a bad fit. My chair back was too high, my keyboard was too low, my monitor was too far away, and my mouse ran away requiring a long stretch to catch it.  I had no idea it could be so wrong. Since my workspace makeover, I no longer fear my right arm will be permanently frozen in the extended position. All I have to say is, thanks Debbie! I owe you a bottle of wine!

More good stuff

Perfect Circle Yoga

A friend suggested I attend a Bikrim Yoga class with her (otherwise known as hot yoga). She warned that I might find it challenging to stay in the room for the whole class, but  if I stayed, I would have  reached my first goal. Since I had done yoga, I was sure I’d be fine. Well  . . . I was unprepared for how hot the room was @105 degrees! I stayed in the room for the whole class and was able to do most of the postures, and dripping with sweat 90 minutes later, I felt a great sense of accomplishment for having done so! I was impressed by how much more I was able to stretch during some of the postures. But, at the time, I didn’t think it was likely that I’d be making Bikram Yoga a regular part of my exercise program mostly because Chris Rose’s studio was too far from my house. As it turns out, a couple of months later, he moved to the beach, which is very convenient for me. I’ve tried to make it at least once a week since he has been in the 595-B Corey Ave., St. Pete Beach location. It is still the best workout I’ve ever  had that can be done within the space of a beach towel! And about the heat — yeah, well, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that! So if you don’t think yoga is a good heart-pumping exercise, try Bikram Yoga at Perfect Circle Yoga and Fitness (btw, it is named after the Yogi who invented it.).