Reflections on Bay Pines

The new condo The Courtney at Bay Pines

The Private Sector seems to be doing fine in Bay Pines.
Every other day, I drive over the Bay Pines overpass on my way to the Seminole Campus of SPC where I work. The return trip coming back into St. Pete rivals anything in swanky Palm Beach. The Spanish style Bay Pines Veterans Hospital overlooks Boca Ciega Bay. Reflections of sailboats dot the blue surface of the smooth water in the harbor. The property around the harbor shot up in valuable during the building boom around 2007. On the north side of the road, across from Bay Pines property, I’ve watched as the residents of a 1950’s-vintage trailer park cleared out. The ospreys and native scrub seem to take over the property. I wondered how long it would last. The answer appears to be four years. In early 2012, the giant oaks suddenly developed a skirt of red tape and it wasn’t long before backhoes and bulldozers followed. Waterfront property in St. Pete will attract many, and this site is beautiful. So, I guess between the traffic backing up at the light in front of the VA hospital and the new light that is sure to go in when this condo opens, I’ll soon have to plan an extra 10 minutes to get to work. Just call it progress in paradise.