I went to Cicely, Alaska on my summer vacation

Wow, it has been three weeks since I made an entry to iblogtampabay! I could have written about Seattle and Ellensburg, WA.  I went to WA on August 31 and spent a week out there. My daughter, Kate is moving to WA to go to graduate school at Central Washington University. She had lots of business to take care of and I went along for the 5 – hour plane ride and subsequent 2- hour drive (it is a long way from Florida!).

I was delighted to discover that the town of Roslyn, the setting for Cicely, Alaska in the 1990’s TV series Northern Exposure, was only about 30 minutes outside of Ellensburg. I had to go! I was a big fan of the show, so it was cool to actually walk into Dr. Joel Fleishman’s office. They will be having a big 20th Anniversary Celebration next year in Roslyn. Maybe I’ll make it!