This post is from Hilary, my beach sports correspondent!

Yesterday, I went parasailing with my 5 friends, and it was a blast! For most of us, this was our first time, and we were a combination of nervous and excited. We weren’t sure exactly what to expect, and I didn’t really understand how they took off and landed us without hurting us. We agreed to meet at 10:45 to head out around 11. Of course, when we finally got out there, on the boat, it was a little later than that, but it wasn’t a problem. My friend Iman’s hotel the Dolphin Beach Resort has a parasailing company that works in front of their hotel on the beach, so we went to that one. We had to sign waivers, and once that was done we waded about knee deep into the water to get on to the boat, which was waiting in the water. They instructed us to sit in pairs of 2 since each ride consisted of 2 people. Dylan and Courtney were first, and they got lifejackets on and sat in¬†harnesses¬†and went to sit on the back of the boat, where there was a landing area. They had to sit on their butts and then away the boat went. There was a pulley system that either let out or brought in the rope connected to the 2 seats and parachute. When they came back down, they landed gracefully in the same place they took off from. Erica and I were next, and not as scared since we saw how it worked. The whole process was smooth, and we didn’t even touch the water, which was nice. Once we were up there, it was like we were just sitting in a swing-chair in the sky. We could see up and down the coast and across the bay. The ride was very gentle and I could barely tell we were moving. Landing was no issue either. Lastly, Iman and Emily went up. They said they saw a turtle while they were up there. Overall the experience was fun, not scary at all, and the weather was beautiful. It made for a nice day and a fun experience!